Thank you for visiting GraceRidge.net, allow me tell you a little bit about our ministry here in North Ridgeville.

A church means many different things to different people.  Some folks see it as a building.  Others see it only as an organization.  To some it is a series of special programs.  In the simplest of terms, Grace Baptist Church is people.  We are real people with a special relationship.  That relationship is not to a building, an organization, or a program.  It is to a person, and that person is Jesus Christ. We welcome you to come and experience Grace for yourself.

Again I would like to thank you for visiting our Church’s website today. Feel free to roam the rest of our site for more information on Grace Baptist Church. Below you will find some detailed information on what each page on our website offers you, the reader.

You can click on our Church News page for brand new updates on new things happening in our church. You can click on our Beliefs page to see a detailed outline of what we believe at Grace Baptist. You can click on our Ministries page to see an ever adding list of Ministries we offer at our church. You can click on our Services page to find a detailed outline of when and where our three services a week are. You can click on our Sermons page to listen to previous sermons from our Pastor. You can click on our Contact page for any questions you may have that were not answered on our website currently.

Have a great day and we hope to see you on Sunday!